Financial Aid Forms

The Financial Aid Office will notify you if you need to complete any of these forms. These forms are NOT required for every financial aid applicant. Do not complete these forms unless they are requested by the Financial Aid Office.

*All forms require an actual signature, no typed signature will be accepted*

Forms for Fall 2017 - Summer 2018

  1. Additional Information Form
  2. Dependent Student Verification Worksheet
  3. Independent Student Verification Worksheet
  4. Verification of Identity and Statement of Educational Purpose
  5. Student Eligibility Worksheet for Question 23
  6. Signature page for FAFSA
  7. Dependency Override Form
  8. Direct Loan Request Form
  9. Special Circumstances Request
  10. Verification of High School Completion
  11. Student Marital Tax Filing Status
  12. Parent Marital Tax Filing Status
  13. Student Non-Filing Statement

Lottery Scholarship Forms

The forms for the Tennessee Lottery Scholarship are not required of every student.  Please only complete the forms below if directed to by the Financial Aid Office.

  1. TN Education Lottery Scholarship 16 Month Rule
  2. Lottery Change of Institution Request
  3. Lottery Appeal Form

TN Promise Forms